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Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract


TONGKAT ALI 200:1 EXTRACT - LIBIDO ENHANCER: Is a highly concentrated all-natural extract from the roots of the Tongkat Ali plant, which grows in the wild in some South East Asian countries such as Indonesia. This supplement's unique formula was designed to:


1) Increase male fertility
2) Boost testosterone levels
3) Act as male enhancement
4) Help women during their menstrual cycle and the menopause
5) Provide greater energy, strength and vitality
6) Improve quality of sleep
7) Fight depression
8) Increase sex drive and sexual prowess
9) Reduce testicular shrinkage
10) Reduce genital numbness
11) Reduce fatigue
12) Increase overall physical condition.


TONGKAT ALI 200:1 EXTRACT - A MARVELOUS NATURAL APHRODISIAC: The botanical name of TONGKAT ALI is Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, making it quite clearwhere the name Long Jack comes from. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to improve sexual function in both men and women in general, and for enhancing libido in particular. The plant grows very slow and it takes up to 10 years until the roots are long enough so they can be harvested. Therefore, its extracts are rare and in high demand all over he world.


TONGKAT ALI 200:1 EXTRACT - RICH SOURCE OF HEALTH BENEFITS: May also be beneficial for increasing metabolic rates and oxidatation, supporting mental clarity and foucus, improving sexual performance, promoting weight loss and stronger bones, increasing muscle mass, normalizing blood pressure, boosting sperm levels as well as the quality of available sperm, keeping you active and alert, increasing motivation and determination, enhancing good mood, reducing anxiety, boosting immune system, increasing muscle mass and strength (bodybuilding enhancer). 


Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract

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