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TONALIN: Is a highly concentrated natural extract whose unique formula was designed to: 


1) Build lean muscle mass
2) Convert fat to energy
3) Promote weight loss
4) Support body-shaping goals
5) Encourage exercise performance and endurance
6) Help accelerate mucle recovery and repair
7) Target stubborn belly fat. 


TONALIN: is a conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) produced from safflower oil blend to help burn body fat while promoting lean muscle development. It includes natural ingredients that can redistribute fat to fat-burning muscle tissue and promote the utilization of body fat as fuel. Effects are greatly enhanced with exercise. Tonalin has also been documented to enhance fat breakdown within the muscle tissues and create more lean muscle.  


TONALIN: researches also suggest that Tonalin may ease the inflammation that occurs if the immune system is challenged. Tonalin is a known nutrient that can enhance the immune system. It can help you with achieving a toned and cut body image, especially for bodybuilders, athletes or anyone striving to get into peak condition. It is believed that Tonalin encourages a healthy body composition and may have amazing effects when supported by a reduced calorie diet and daily exercise. 



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