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Saw Palmetto Extract - Natural Testosterone Booster


SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT - NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER: Is a unique and highly formulated natural blend whose formula was designed to:


1) Promote normal urinary function
2) Promote healthy prostate function
3) Provide antioxidant support
4) Increase fertility in both men and women
5) Improve sexual health in people with depleted vitality and weakened reproductive function
6) Increase energy and reduce fatigue
7) Provide reproductive system support
8) Increase libido
9) Reduce irritation and anxiety
10) Improve moods and induce sense of well-being
11) Boost sex drive.

Saw Palmetto is a scrubby little tree native to the Eastern seaboard from South Carolina to Florida. It is also found in coastal Southern California. 


SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT - PROMOTES WOMEN'S HEALTH: Can have immune supportive effects and thus help support the male and female body through times of high stress. Many people who have taken Saw Palmetto long-term have reported improvement in energy and sense of well-being. This amazing extract can also be effectively used to deal with intestinal and urinary conditions. Saw Palmetto might help reverse a situation called hirsutism, which is when women have excessive amounts of hair where women do not typically get hair.  Saw Palmetto is also believed to support breast enlargement, according to some herbalists. This advantage is contingent upon the assumption that the herb stimulates the creation of the female hormone prolactin.


SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT - BOOSTS SEX DRIVE: May have strong diuretic and aphrodisiac effects and increase flow of blood to boost sex drive. Saw Palmetto is also used as a sedative for relaxation. This extract can also be beneficial for reducing coughs and colds, sore throat, and headaches, as well as for preventing hair loss, slowing down premature aging, promoting the flow of blood to the reproductive organs to boost sex drive and performance, helping in the maintenance of healthy levels of testosterone. 

Saw Palmetto Extract

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