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MSM Supplement


MSM - MIRACLE MINERAL: Is a powerful, highly formulated natural supplement, with unique formula that was designed to:


1) Support body's mobility and flexibility
2) Naturally increase energy and stamina
3) Help reduce anti-inflammatory processes
4) Provide joint and muscle support
5) Improve hair, nail growth and health
6) Reduce the wrinkles associated with aging
7) Boost metabolism

8) Reduce muscle cramps of the back and leg caused by inactivity or intense use.

MSM is a naturally occurring form of the mineral sulfur. Natural sulfur is needed by the body for many functions, such as the ability to resist stress, fatigue, allergies and parasites as well as cellular and organ health. MSM stands for: Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (a natural form of sulfur). It is an odorless, white crystalline powder in form. 


MSM - BIOLOGICAL SULFUR FOR JOINTS & BACK : is a stable source of sulfur derived from plants grown on land or in the sea. Marine sources include algae and phytoplakton. Indeed, MSM is an integral part of the “sulfur cycle” in the biosphere in which sulfur is taken up from the soil by plants. MSM is a bioavailable source of sulfur, which is important for supplying the building blocks for the production and repair of the skin, hair, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. 


MSM - NATURAL PAIN RELIEF & ANTI-PARASITE REMEDY: Can be helpful in providing natural relief for respiratory problems and pain caused by inflammation, making hair and nails grow healthy, stronger and faster, reducing Candida and yeast infestations, alleviating constipation, warding off parasites and other harmful organisms, increases energy, stamina, alertness, and ability to concentrate, aiding the body in fighting stress and reduces pain, improving food absorption and helping control stomach acidity.



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