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Korean Ginseng Extract


KOREAN GINSENG EXTRACT - SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT: Is potent, highly formulated and natural libido-enhancing extract designed to generate a multitude of sexual benefits. Ginseng is used by herbalists as a male aphrodisiac. It is now widely used to boost sexual performance. Multiple researches have revealed that constituents of the herb may support testosterone levels, increase male virility, stimulate self-confidence, and increase the quality of sperm. Korean Ginseng also exhibits anti-bacterial effects and may help support cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar levels. A nutritious herb, Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots that typically grows in Northern China, Korea, and eastern Siberia. 


KOREAN GINSENG EXTRACT - ENERGY BOOSTER: Can be used by male and female bodybuilders and athletes as a pre-workout supplement that can also increase exercise capacity. Korean Ginseng is thought to decrease fatigue, heighten sexual performance, sharpen thinking, enhance cardiovascular health, improve liver function and stabilize moods. This extract may help athletes use oxygen more effectively, and it is believed to regulate metabolism, which can increase energy levels. 

KOREAN GINSENG EXTRACT - MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: May also help improve skin and hair health, reduce bad cholesterol, increase a person’s endurance and stamina, against obesity, and promote weight loss. Beneficial components in this extract may help boost the fighting power of leukocytes, the white blood cells that destroy bacteria and viruses that enter your body and aid in creating more of these combative cells. Korean Ginseng is believed to have the potential to protect your heart by normalizing your blood cholesterol levels. 


Korean Ginseng

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