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Kidney Support Complex


KIDNEY SUPPORT COMPLEX - NATURAL CLEANSING: Is a potent and all-natural complex supplement designed to provide kidney support in particular and urinary system support in general. It may be very useful for people who experience health concerns in this area or those who want to prevent them. This potent extract provides vital natural nutrients and herbs to support and cleanse your kidneys and help maintain necessary hydration. Kidneys process almost 200 quarts of blood each day, sifting out 2 quarts of waste. 


KIDNEY SUPPORT COMPLEX - RICH IN POTENT NUTRIENTS: Might be beneficial for supporting efficient elimination of toxins, waste, and salt. This product contains pure extracts from Birch leaves, Cranberry, Buchu leaves, Astragalus, Goldenrod, Juniper Berries, Horsetail, Gravel root, green tea leaf, Uva Ursi, Nettle leaf, Java tea, High Orac complex of Cinnamon powder, Ginger root, Turmeric powder, Rosemary, Grape seed, Wild Blueberry, Red Raspberry, and Strawberry fruit.  


KIDNEY SUPPORT COMPLEX - NATURAL CLEANSING: Was designed for optimal kidney rejuvenation and health, helping to nourish and strengthen kidney function, purify the blood by eliminating compounds that can damage the kidneys. This amazing blend of natural extracts can also be beneficial for supporting the urinary tract and a smooth blood flow. 

Kidney Support Complex

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