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Howthorne Extract


HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 mg - HEART SUPPORT: Is a highly concentrated natural, unique formula designed to provide complex heart support, boost and encourage the performance of heart and circulatory system in general. The best-known herb for the heart and chest pain in Western herbalism is Hawthorn. In both the East and West, hawthorn was used as food and traditional medicine for millenia. Supplementation with this amazing extract may help you with health concerns such as those connected to poor blood circulation (alas, aging arteries) towards the lower body and legs, as well as problems related to poor memory and confusion caused by a poor blood flow to the brain. 


HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 mg - DIGESTIVE AID: Might be beneficial for constipation and digestive issues due to the extract's laxative relaxant action. It can also be helpful in relieving abdominal distension and stagnation of food in the intestinal tract. Moreover, clinical researches suggest that Hawthorn extract has positive may aid in relieving stress, reducing anxiety, calming agitation, lessening restlessness and imporving sleep.


HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 mg - NATURAL DIURETIC:  Is believed to aid in relieving fluid retention in the body and help dissolve deposits in kidneys. Apart from Hawthorn extract, this unique formula also includes extracts from Garlic and Cayenne to act as an ultimate Circulation Booster, Natural Diuretic, Free Radical Scavenger, Cholesterol Normalizer, Skin Condition Improver, Digestive Aid, Stress Reliever, and Blood Pressure Regulator. Besides, Hawthorn extract is thought to be useful for women who are going through the physical change of menopause. They might find relief from hot flashes with Hawthorn extract to help them sleep better and remain comfortable during the day. 

Howthorne Extract

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