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Green Tea Extract

GREEN TEA EXTRACT - WEIGHT LOSS NATURAL REMEDY: is a highly formulated natural extract based on a unique formula designed to boost fat loss, reduce cholesterol, provide support to heart, prostate, bowels, prostate, mouth and lungs, blood pressure, and breast. The health benefits of green tea extract are legendary. It’s been adulated and used in China for thousands of years for its ability to: 


1) Increase physical stamina
2) Stimulate mental clarity, and 
3) Promote longevity. 


In recent years, scientists have also discovered that green tea extract is a powerful metabolism booster. It helps to increase lean body mass and reduce body fat percentage, which are both important for your heart health. 


GREEN TEA EXTRACT - ANTI-AGING: Includes two natural compounds found almost exclusively in green tea — EGCG (a group of plant chemicals with health benefits for humans) and L-Theanine. They are the most bioactive compound in green tea.  Multiple scientific researches suggested that these two potent antioxidants showed much promise for dealing with some of the most pressing mental health issues. They easily passe through the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain and halt oxidative processes that accelerate brain aging and contribute to anxiety, brain fog, depression, and memory loss. 


GREEN TEA EXTRACT - FOR OPTIMAL BRAIN PERFORMANCE: Is rich in potent natural nutrients though to be beneficial for improving recall, learning, motivation, increasing positive mood and mental performance, as well as performing better on cognitively demanding tasks. The Green Tea extract also is believed to boost eyesight, promote healthy teeth and gum, combat allergies, normalize cholesterol, ward off oral infections, improve sleep quality and provide natural relief for people suffering from stress and fatigue.


Green Tea Extract

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