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Grape Seed Extract


GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - AN ANTI-AGING MARVEL: Is rich in antioxidant nutrients that make it an unparalleled  nutritional supplement for combating the oxidative stress by  safeguarding cells against the ravages of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals. This product might be beneficial for improving blood circulation, strengthening blood vessels, boosting brain function and cognitive abilities, normalizing blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and guarding against oxidative damage. All these incredible properties of grape seed extract are thought to slow down the biological decline in the body. 


GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - VISION SUPPORT: Is thought to improve blood flow in the eye's tiny vessels and lower the chances of blockages or impairments that result in vision damage. The extract's antioxidant powers are of particular value in warding off the free-radical damage so frequently cited as the leading cause of vision degeneration. The findings of recent study indicate that this extract can be beneficial for relieving eyestrain and enhancing eye's natural perception of contrasts. 


GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - SUPER FOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: Is also thought to improve bone formation and bone strength, boost metabolism, inhibit swellings, promote weight loss, protect and provide robust skin support, decrease feelings of heaviness, itching, and pain, reduce demineralization of the cavities and early tooth decay and thus playing a beneficial role in oral health, help with constipation and other digestive issues. 

Grape Seed Extract

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