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Echinacea 400mg - Immune Support


ECHINACEA 400mg - IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Echinacea is one of the most famous herbal immunostimulants. This amazing plant helps your body increase and strengthen its natural defences. Echinacea is perfect natural remedy and fighter for yeast and Candida-related health concerns. Given its strong antiviral and antibacterial activity within the body, Echinacea is believed to be a natural relief in dealing with urinary complications, vaginal yeast, gum and genital issues. 


ECHINACEA 400mg - SUPER ANTIOXIDANT: Is a unique product made of a thoroughly blended Echinacea root extract and herb powder from two most popular and effective Echinacea species: Echinacea Angustifolia and Echinacea Purpurea. This awesome mixture was designed to enhace your immunity system and also deal with respiratory and prostate problems, vaginal yeast and urinary difficulties, skin and ear-related problems.  


ECHINACEA 400mg - NATURAL RELIEF & MOOD SUPPORT: Might provide natural pain relief  for headache,stomach ache, throat pain, toothache and skin infections. Because it has natural antioxidant properties, Echinacea extract might help benefit your skin, rejuvenate tired skin cells, help to naturally alleviate stress and anxiety, provide heart support and help with inflammatory bowel conditions.

Echinacea 400mg

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